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Laura Hergane carti

I am also a self-published author, and my books are available on Amazon.

The Room Above, a novel. 

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# "The Room Above is an unusual novel and those who are looking for a challenging read will undoubtedly enjoy this book. Set against the political landscape of the time, it is written from the perspective of a young girl who, initially, appears to suffer from a personal obsession. However, it becomes clear that there is far more to her situation than the reader is first led to believe. As the book progresses, events become rather surreal and otherworldly. I was intrigued by Laura Hergane's beguiling use of a repetitive phrase which provided a thread throughout. The concluding chapters, where all is revealed, provided a satisfying climax to the enigma surrounding the room itself. Expect the unexpected with this book and open your mind to all possibilities."

Excerpt from a reader's review on B&N website.

# More reviews on Amazon  and B&N.

Take from the Sun and Give to the Moon, a memoir.
E-book and paperback on Amazon, click here.

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The Room Above
Take from the Sun and Give to the Moon
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