The Room Above, a novel. 

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2020 Release: Take from the Sun and Give to the Moon, a memoir. E-book and paperback on Amazon, click here.

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I am Laura Hergane, the daughter of a professional soccer player and a bookbinder, the books should read... These are two aspects that are very important in defining who I am, with and without the subtleties. I was born in the peaceful city of Timisoara, Romania and now I live in Texas, close to a city called Gun Barrel... What happened, right?

Probably inbetweenness should be my middle name. In between two countries, two cultures, always stretched to left and right, unwilling to decide what I love most. This reflects in my writing. Otherwise, I make good decisions. 

In high school I opted for an education in economics, then I studied languages and literature in college, I moved to the USA and landed in the financial planning industry, then swayed again to a more creative path.

When I discovered life coaching, the training, I realized I had been a coach for some time. I consciously applied the strategies to myself, as I was yearning for "something", undefined at that moment.

It, that "something", and the why, came clear a few years later when muses started to visit with me and many late nights transferred on to the pages of my first book, a memoir I intend to have published (Take from the Sun and Give to the Moon).

I continued. With a second book (The Room Above), and I cannot wait to materialize the ideas I have for the next writing projects, children's, cooking, self-help and more fiction.